Support Ms. D's Project!

Support Ms. D's Project!
Posted on 11/10/2021
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Social-Emotional Learning and Diversity Library!

Help me give my students texts that nurture critical skills that can lead to a lifetime of loving themselves and others for a kinder future!

My Students
The majority of students in our school, grades kindergarten through third, come from low-income households, so we really appreciate any support and resources that can be provided to us. Because of their ages, our students are still learning how to interact with others appropriately, express their own emotions in a healthy way, and develop the social skills they will need to succeed in academic, career, and personal settings. They are learning to work hard and to experience the excitement of learning. Our students are at crucial ages to learn about acceptance and understanding of themselves and others, which I would like to help cultivate through this project!

My Project
I am requesting texts that nurture critical skills that can lead my students to a lifetime of loving themselves and others for a kinder future.

The materials for this project will be incorporated into a complete Social-Emotional Learning Library for our school!

The requested materials, which are all developmentally-appropriate children's books, include a variety of SEL topics that are relevant to our Kindergarten - third grade students.

In addition to books on topics such as feeling recognition, self-esteem, friendship and social skills, and self-regulation, I am requesting texts with an emphasis on addressing and promoting diverse families, body positivity, diverse abilities, acceptance and inclusion, and representation.

This project will be beneficial to every tier of our school, since the resources will be utilized in school-wide guidance lessons, available to teachers to use in their classrooms, in small-group counseling sessions, and in individual counseling sessions to help teach these important topics and skills to ALL students!

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Support my Project: Social-Emotional Learning and Diversity Library